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Magnetohydrodynamics is a relatively young scientific discipline. It's the study of motion of a fluid affected by a magnetic field. Michael Faraday discovered that water flowing past a conductive material will generate a weak electrical charge. This discovery, made over 120 years ago, is the basis used today when treating water and other fluids with magnetism. Over the last few decades, the study of Magnetohydrodynamics has uncovered many principles at work in this phenomenon. Some of them we understand, while there are others that we do not yet have any answers to.

The kinetic energy to produce the effect comes from the motion of the water flowing through the magnetic field. As the water passes through a magnetic field, an electromotive force is produced. This electrical discharge in the fluid induces a positive polarity in the fluid. This causes the molecules to align into a uniform directional field. Water regains it's solvency and will not allow the minerals to form hard crystals of scale. Preventing this crystallization, of the minerals in the water, allows these minerals stay in suspension. Thus, the minerals are prevented from growing so large that they precipitate out of solution and form hard scale on the inside of pipes and equipment. Further, the water will actually re-dissolve existing scale back into solution.

Hard water not only scales up the inside of pipes and equipment, but restrict the fluid flow. This scale also acts as an insulator, dramatically reducing heat transfer efficiency. The energy loss of trying to heat water through scale is substantial! A scale build-up of just 3/8" uses 55 percent more energy, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (formally the U.S. Bureau of Standards). A 1/2" layer will retard heat transfer by up to 70 percent.

GMX Magnetic Fluid Condtioners are non-invasive and are installed around the outside of pipe. There is no cutting into a line to plumb-in a system. An external energy source is also not required.

Although water is the most common fluid, GMX conditioners will work on many different types of fluids including gasoline, diesel, heating fuels, oil, cooling & heating fluids, etc. The results with fuel are similar in that the magnetic system will keep varnish from forming in injectors and carburetors, removing existing accumulations of carbon from the combustion chambers and valves. Magnetized fuel has a tendency to attract an oxygen molecule when it is mixed with air in the cylinder, thus causing more of the fuel to be burned and produce more energy. This results in a slight increase in mileage, and helps to to break hydrocarbon chains to lower emissions. This can be verified by a hydrocarbon test that can be conducted at any state testing center. The additional benefit to all of us is a cleaner environment where less fuel is burned, and what is burned will be less polluting.

The U.S. Department of Energy reports:

"These technologies (magnetic) can be used as a replacement for most water softening equipment. Specifically, chemical softening, ion exchange, and reverse osmosis (RO), when used for the control of hardness........"

U.S.A. Department of Energy
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U.S. Department of Energy Website

Federal Technology Alert #DOE/EE-0162
Non-Chemical Technologies for Scale
and Hardness Control
January 1998

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U.S. Airforce
Office of Scientific Research
Advanced Research Projects Agency

A study done for the Air Force concluded that magnetized water will not form scale on heating surfaces. Properly designed and installed mangetic units will prevent the formation of costly scale build-up.

- Actual Article -
National Technical Informational Service
U.S. Department of Commerce

Magnetic Treatment of Water
January 30, 1997
Order # 1622-4
Contravt # F44620-72-C-0053
Program Code # 62701E3F10

GMX Magnetic
Water Conditioners
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